Finest German food. Since 1876.

News from the Hengstenberg kitchen magazine

The best foods are always healthy, delicious and versatile. Vegetables are the most important ingredient that nature offers us for preparing good food. Used in clever combinations and with skilful seasoning, they form the basis of some amazing dishes. In our Hengstenberg cookery magazine, we show you both new and well-known recipes and give you lots of tips and cookery ideas – taking our inspiration from traditional culinary skills, the street food scene and international cuisine.

Always something new. Always delicious

The Hengstenberg family

We have been running the company as a family business since 1876. Our products and our brands are associated with fine gourmet foods and the very best in quality. This has always been what we aspire to – we have been making good things even better for 140 years. You can taste the difference... all our products:

Hengstenberg familie
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