Summer days and barbecue with friends

Cooking with friends and family outdoor - the perfect way to enjoy warm days of summer. In summer, Germans love having barbecue. Not only the feeling and smell of grilled products but also the right products for refining your dishes belong to a delicately barbecue. Popular German barbecue means: great sausages, topped with sauerkraut and mustard, accompanied by potato salad and a mixed salad, pickles and a refreshing glass of beer! Besides, especially younger Germans love Burgers in every variation for barbecue.

Barbecue with Hengstenberg

Hengstenberg products fit perfectly to your BBQ. Our various types of mustard (mustard is the favorite BBQ companion) will refine your sausages or meat. Light and flavorful salads are the most popular side dishes served with grilled foods. Make your own dressing mixed with our mustard and vinegars whether fruity or delicate and mild. The refreshing taste and crunchy texture of our pickles complements your grilled meat, too. If you like it more spicy you may also try our horseradish who gives sauces and dips an extra kick.


Recipes for your barbecue

Spice up your barbecue