Fireworks are part of New Year's Eve, so are sparkling wine, tasty food and good luck charms. But why do so many people around the world light fireworks at the end of the year to ring in the new year? To explain this, a short journey back in time is necessary. 

The first known fireworks appear in the Chinese Song Dynasty (960 - 1270). At that time fireworks were not colorful but merely loud. Around 1390 the first artful use of black powder developed in Italy (Vicenza). Later the Japanese developed colorful fireworks for religious purposes, calling them "flowers of fire."

But why do so many Germans enjoy fireworks on New Year's Eve?
This tradition goes back to an old Germanic custom, where evil spirits were driven away by rattling, knocking objects together and beating sticks on the ground. As black powder became popular in Europe, we used it to make noise in order to drive away the ghosts. With the increasing availability of metal nitrates, the fireworks have become more colorful and elaborate each year.


Of course good food is a must to every New Year’s Eve party. This year we would like to recommend antipasti skewers, a fresh and crunchy finger food. Check out the recipe below and enjoy!

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