7 must-haves to celebrate Oktoberfest at home

Bring Bavaria into your kitchen…

It’s that time of year again—the world is celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich and beyond! What does that mean? Eating and drinking, of course — and a lot of it. Each year, 6 million visitors drink almost 7 million liters of beer and eat more than half a million roast chickens. (We told you it was a lot.)

But not everybody is in the mood for an event of this scale—or able to travel to Munich to see it for themselves. Even so, you don’t have to miss out on roast pork, lederhosen, and good beer. Why not invite some friends over, tap the keg, and celebrate Oktoberfest at home instead?

Here are 7 essentials for your very own Oktoberfest celebration—recipes included!

1. The Proper Decoration

It doesn’t matter how or with what you decorate your Oktoberfest party, but one element that can’t be missed is a nod to the Bavarian flag—blue and white are mandatory! From tablecloths to garlands, it’s the must-have accessory for Oktoberfest style.


2. The Right Meat

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty. You’ll of course need a hearty piece of meat at the center of your spread. Impress your guests with this homemade roast pork, served with potatoes and sauerkraut as traditional sides. The combination is a guaranteed success.


3. The Required Vocabulary

To speak like a true Bavarian, here are the 5 most important phrased to learn:

- “Servus” = “Hello!” and “Goodbye!”
- “Pfiadi!” = “Goodbye” for close friends and family
- “An schenan Doog no” = “Have a nice day!”
- “I hätt gern a Mass!” = “I’ll take another beer!”
- “Wos hobt’s na heir ois Schmanggal?” = “What’s the daily special?”

4. The Real Bavarian Potato Salad

If you ask somebody at Oktoberfest to put mayonnaise in potato salad, you’ll receive raised eyebrows in return. The typical Bavarian potato salad is served with vinegar and oil only. Our recipe will guide you through the proper preparation and provide the ideal pairing: Bavarian meatloaf and mustard! Check the full recipe below!


5. The Good Beer

The only beer allowed to be served at Oktoberfest comes straight from Munich. But
don’t worry, you can get these Bavarian beer specialties in supermarkets all around
Germany—and in other parts of world, too. Some well-stocked beverage stores in
Germany even offer special Oktoberfest editions of beer from various Munich
breweries during the season.

6. The Dress Code

There can be no Oktoberfest without the traditional garb, such as “Dirndl” (women’s traditional dress) and “Lederhose” (men’s traditional leather pants). As if this isn’t enough, a woman has to pay special attention to which side the ribbon of her Dirndl is tied. Wearing it on the left side means that you’re single; wearing it on the right side shows that you’re in a relationship.

7. The Perfect Ending

After enjoying the aforementioned savory dishes, you’ll want a sweet ending. This apple crumble is easily prepared ahead and prepared in a glass for individual servings.


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