Cold snow and hot fire - your perfect winter BBQ with Hengstenberg

Freezing cold, meter-high snow and a heated grill: The barbecue season is throughout the whole year for many Germans. Here are a few tips for your winter barbecue.

Tip 1: Use a tent or pavilion

Tip 1: Use a tent or pavilion

If it gets too cold for you, you can use a large tent or a pavilion for your outdoor barbecue. A shelter provides warmth, protects against snow and may cover the grill.


Tip 2: Fire!

Especially in winter, it can be particularly cozy and inviting to grill on a large campfire and leave the grill in the garage. However, this should only be done on designated and appropriate sites to avoid fires getting out of control in any case. A fire keeps your guests warm and provides extra fiery and smoky aroma to your food.


Tip 3: Serve your food hot!

Tip 3: Serve your food hot!

As a hand warmer and also as a heat source from the inside you should serve your food hot and directly from the grill or fire. Your guests will thank you!


Tip 4: Hot drinks are required!

Serve your guests hot drinks such as mulled wine, punch or tea. In order to prevent hypothermia and to have fun at the winter barbecue, you should always stay warm.


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