Kraut rolls with sauerkraut and red cabbage

The uncommon party snack

  • 40 Minuten
  • easy
  • 4 Persons

The „Kraut“ rolls

Take a pizza dough (~40x30 cm). Spread it with 5 tbsp sour cream and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Sprinkle it with chopped walnuts.

Then cover half of the dough with the Sauerkraut and half with the Red Cabbage and top with Emmental cheese. Roll the dough lengthwise and cut it into slices about 3 cm long.


Bake the rolls

Preheat the oven to 200° C (390° F) and place the slices on a baking tray. Sprinkle them again with cheese before baking. Then bake the rolls for approx. 15 - 20 minutes before you can enjoy them warm or cold.


The uncommon party snack

The next party is coming and everyone is bringing something for the buffet. You ask yourself: What should I bring? It should be as quick, simple and delicious as possible! How about pizza rolls? Everyone knows them! That's a MUST on every party buffet?! But let's be honest, you won't surprise anyone with them. That's why we have been working a bit in our kitchen and now our party rolls come into play: Delicious Kraut rolls from the oven - filled with sauerkraut and red cabbage, as well as sour cream, walnuts and Emmental cheese. With these few ingredients, you can create an extraordinary party snack in no time at all. Your friends will be thrilled!

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